Dress Code

TPGC Dress Code

TPGC Dress Code

Trentham Park Golf Club maintains a strict but sensible dress code which must be adhered to when using the clubhouse facilities. Clean, smart, presentable and generally tidy appearance should be maintained at all times in the clubhouse. For the purpose of etiquette, decorum and decency, and the avoidance of embarrassing conversations and possible requests to leave the clubhouse, it’s not a big deal but remember this is a members club, and you should respect the wishes of all members.

Club Presentations – (defined as any Invitation Day Presentation, Open Presentation, Captain’s Day Presentation, President’s Day Presentation) the dress code will be Formal unless over-ruled by the Captain or Officer of the Day

(Please see below for full details) or Download the Full Dress Code here

For any other evening event, the dress code for the evening will be communicated prior to the event.

Unless otherwise communicated, for a function the dress code in the clubhouse (main Lounge / Dining room is smart Casual at all times.

At no time are golf caps, golf visors, golf hats, or trainers allowed in the clubhouse (main lounge/ Dining room. Members are also asked to avoid wearing any clothing in the clubhouse that is wet through being exposed to the elements or as a result of excessive perspiration.